How to find the best marine speaker for you

Have you ever heard of a speaker breaking down because it was put in an environment it doesn’t belong to?

That might happen if someone takes their routinely-sitting-at-home speaker outside. Being exposed to dirt, sunlight, etc. can make regular speakers simply stop working. So to enjoy your music outside the house you should ideally purchase an outdoor speaker. And if you plan on taking it with you to the sea, e.g. on a boat, you need a marine speaker.

Marine speakers are built specifically to combat harsh conditions one might encounter when in a marine environment. That means not only the ability to survive if accidentally submerged in water, but also resistance to humidity, saltiness, change in temperature, and sitting under strong sunlight for a prolonged time. Their structure uses more durable components than regular speakers to make sure that they survive any type of weather conditions in different climates.

Another characteristic of marine speakers has more to do with the sound itself rather than durability. Similar to all types of outside speakers, marine speakers also have to overcome various noises, such as wind, waves, or the roar of a boat engine. This means that the bass levels are elevated when compared to regular speakers.

Being able to bring your favorite music with you when going on a sea voyage is sure to make it much more enjoyable so it’s worth taking a moment to examine what marine speaker will suit your needs the most. The best marine speakers can be expensive, with prices ranging from $100 to even $500. But that’s understandable. After all, they are built with a specific need in mind – enjoying a high quality of sound when in difficult and unusual conditions. There are some cheaper ones available if you’re willing to compromise on the quality.

There are many brands that produce quality marine speakers, from JBL, a renowned producer of audio equipment to Garmin, known for their GPS products, and JL Audio, a company specializing in car and marine speakers. Here are some of our recommendations for the best marine speakers in three different categories:

Sound quality

When it comes to choosing speakers with superb sound, you can’t go wrong with JL Audio M3-650X-C-GW. The newest model from the well-known producer is priced at around $250 and provides the crispest sound that can overcome any background noise. Another great, and slightly more affordable, choice is Polk Audio MM652. This model is also known for sound clarity, although some consider their bass volume to be lacking.


If you want your speakers to last for years to come, make sure that they’re built with the highest quality materials. Kicker KM654LCW speakers are extremely durable while providing a solid sound. Their components are completely waterproof, saltproof, and corrosion-resistant at just around $150.


There are also plenty of affordable options when it comes to marine speakers. E.g. JBL MS6520B is great value for money. It’s made from quality materials that won’t break apart after a few trips and the sound quality should be enough for an average music listener. Kenwood KFC-1653MRW is another similarly built model for less than $100.

Choose your speakers carefully and enjoy great-sounding audio at your next boat ride!

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