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What is a Pool Pump Timer and Why You Should Get a Reliable One

If you have a swimming pool, the costs of maintaining the pool can quickly get out of control. There are numerous costs associated with operating and clean pool you can enjoy, notably the power costs that come with running your pool pump. You can keep your pool costs low by optimising how and when you run you pool pump.

What does a pool pump timer do?

A pool pump timer is a device that regulates when your pool pump runs. The pool pump is like the heart of your swimming pool. It manages the circulation of water around your pool. You need to regularly run your pool pump to keep the water in your swimming pool clean, bacteria free and beautiful to look at. The pump helps manage the circulation of water and pool salts around your pool.

The pump is usually electricity or battery powered and the cost of running this pump can quickly creep up if left unchecked. You can install a pool pump timer to automatically regulate when your pool pump runs. The timer ensures that your pumping is running on a schedule, you do not have to worry about falling behind on your pool maintenance timeframe, or your pool driving your power bills up.

Where do you buy a pool pump timer?

You can buy a pool pump timer at your local pool shop, homeware store or online store. If you a novice to pool maintenance, we suggest you visit your local pool shop and talk with a swimming pool expert. They can even send someone to your home to look at your pool and make sure you buy the right timer. Your pool shop will also guide you on how to install your timer so that it works well.

Alternatively, if you know what kind of pump you operate, and are comfortable installing it, you can visit your local homeware store and simply buy one. You can also buy the pool pump timer online and have it delivered to your home. You can follow the instruction manual to ensure you install the timer correctly.

Some good pool pump timers

#1 The intermatic P1121 heavy duty outdoor timer

This timer is very well regarded and is ideal for programming the time on a number of devices from pool pumps, to fountains, heaters and other heavy duty equipment that uses a lot of power. You can set it up to run your pool pump for up to two times in the day.

#2 P1100 series swimming pool timers

This leading range of pool timers come in a number of sizes and offer multiple features. Most fit in the device enclosures that are built around residential pools. It can be very easily programmed and runs for over three years without needing to be replaced.

#3 Aube by Honeywell TI040/U 7-Day Programmable Timer

This is one of the best timers on the market and is widely used for swimming pools among other large home appliances. It has both manual and automatic operation modes.